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RapidSSL Certificates - A GeoTrust subsidiary - is well known CA (Certificate Authority) for domain vatted SSL certificates. More than 50% ecommerce website owners want ssl certificate issued in minutes to secure the website. RapidSSL is awarded in issuing the fastest certificates.

RapidSSL offers two types domain validation ssl certificates.


  1. RapidSSL Standard SSL Certificate - SSL for single domain or sub domain name.
  2. RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificate - SSL for unlimited sub domain names.


You can renew your existing rapidssl certificate purchased from or anywhere. We are authorized ssl renewal company for all rapidssl certificate and rapidssl wildcard certificates.

When you renew early we’ll add remaining days onto your new certificate. You can renew up to 90 days before your certificate expires.

Days before Expiration Additional Renewal Days
plus or minus 15 days 30 Days
16 to 45 days 60 Days
46 to 90 days 90 Days
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RapidSSL Certificate

$ 11.95/Yr. $ 111.20

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

$ 109.75/Yr. $ 208.00