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We offer you free SSL reseller account to sale trusted brand SSL certificates to your customers. Reseller account with us is big source of money as we offer unbeatable reseller pricing. You can order SSL certificates your customer behalf. We will be anonymous to your customers. If you want to start selling SSL certificate from your business website, then we also offer API. We never force you to sale SSL certificates or completing targets.  


Reseller Program Features:

Zero set up fees: Free reseller account with $0 setup fees.
Instant Activation: Reseller account activation in 24 hours only
Commitments: No commitment. No contract. No target.
Special Price: Competitive Special discount price on RRP
Price Bargain: Customize product list and bargain price. NEW!
Safe Payments: Instant and volume payment facilities – PayPal
Control Panel: Managed control panel and instant ordering system
SSL Issuance: Instant SSL enrollment and certificate issuance
API Interface: API interface reselling SSL direct from website NEW!
SSL Brands: VeriSign, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL
Product Range: DV, OV, EV, MD, Wildcard SSL, SAN SSL, SGS SSL
Support: Online email and chat support 24/7

Products to resell:

You can sale all SSL brand products available at at your own pricing. Multi year SSL purchase and SSL renewals are enabled with all SSL products - VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL.


Pricing and Account Credit:

ClickSSL offers zero set up fee reseller account (zero setup fees). We offer fair discount price to resellers and you can sale SSL certificate at your own pricing. We offer zero credit reseller account. Only pay when you order SSL. If you have existing website and you want more discount price, then we also offer special price on volume payment in the following domination.


$0  $500 $1,000 $2,000 $5,000 $10,000

When you order a product or service, your reseller balance will be automatically debited and adjusted accordingly. For instant payment we accept all types of CC payments via PayPal. Contact us to know more about payment process, reseller pricing and higher credit balance.


API Access:

Our goal is to enable web hosting companies, internet service providers and related internet based businesses to integrate SSL Certificate products into their own product portfolio.

We offer API (Application Programming Interface) to sale SSL certificates direct from there website. Our API system is user friendly and compatible with most web technologies. Implanting API with your business website you can facilitates your customers ordering certificates online from your website. In all these business ClickSSL will be ANONYMOUS to your customers. You can represent yourself as direct SSL provider. API access will be enabled with minimum account credit.


Order Process:

Account Login > Order SSL Enrollment > Complete SSL enrollment (CSR) > Receive SSL Certificate

SSL certificate ordering is fast and easy with us. SSL enrollment link will be send to you / your client in seconds only. Complete SSL enrollment and received SSL certificate to email account. SSL enrollment link will be send by VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL. You will be represented as direct brand reseller. We are anonymous to your customers.


Reseller Support:

Our fully automated reseller system offers you hassle free ordering. You will be provided dedicated managed reseller interface to order SSL, checking order and payment history.

We offer 24/7 sales and technical support and live chat. Our support department is able to offer sales assistance, marketing material and technical guides.