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Thawte SSL Certificates

Renew Thawte SSL certificates at discount price in minutes and stay secured. These SSL certificates require a verification of certain information about your business to confirm its legitimacy and identity. They allow, for example, that the name of your company is part of the seal of your site, and thus increase the confidence of visitors to your site. Thawte certificates benefit from the strength and reliability of the Symantec authentication infrastructure.

Days before Expiration Additional Renewal Days
plus or minus 15 days 30 Days
16 to 45 days 60 Days
46 to 90 days 90 Days
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Thawte SSL123

$ 42.00/Yr. $ 361.00

Thawte SSL Web Server

$ 99.00/Yr. $ 503.00

Thawte Code Sign

$ 164.50/Yr. $ 220.00

Thawte SSL Wildcard

$ 479.50/Yr. $ 390.00

Thawte EV SSL

$ 479.50/Yr. $ 36.00